“I had gone to Arpita B Design Studio about one area in my life which I was stuck at since a very long time. They heard about the entire issue and proposed that I should take one specially created design piece which would not only look attractive but also give out strong positive energy.

The piece when it came for installation looked far more beautiful than I had imagined. It started results from the very moment. I timed it with the entry of the piece into my office with a piece of good news. I had received that morning, It was more and less at the same time.

I have been seeing a constant shift in energies and vibes all around me since then with a few major and loads of minor shifts happening ever since. I am very happy with the piece which I have got customized and will surely recommend Arpita B Design Studio to people, I know confidently.”

- Chef Harsh Shodhan

The Gourmet Kitchen and Studios

I, Mrs Benita Sahani, would like to thank Arpita B Design studio for their efficient and detailed analysis of our brand, Casa 9 along with both the partners, myself & Nikita.

They skillfully took us through the journey of gathering all information, making us understand ourselves deep down our roots, our shortcomings and strengths individually and together as a team, understanding our requirements, and further helped us to design our new workplace. They carefully studied the existing energies of the site and helped us enhance the space and energies required for every department using precise elements such as colours, texture, shapes & forms. Arpita B Design Studio gave us perfect ideas and design solutions with correct aesthetic sense.

Lastly, I would like to share that her theory has helped us sort the pending payments of the last 6 months on the very day we moved into the new premises. It has also changed the attitude of our staff in a positive way and resulting in better work output in a healthy atmosphere. We wish Arpita B Design Studio loads of success and happiness.

- Mrs Benita Sahani & Mrs Nikita Kaushik

Studio CASA 9

Arpita B Design Studio has designed a very beautiful piece for our house. There is something about this piece which is extremely attractive & emits positive energy. I remember the team installed the piece around 14 days before and immediately I had my exhibition, it was my first photography exhibition. I was fantastic & a complete hit. I personally feel the energy in our house & lives has started to change ever since the piece has come in. The piece has a sense of attraction which I don’t feel I have with any other piece in my house. The piece is at the entrance as soon as one gets out of the elevator, so it's the first & the last thing one sees. The piece is beautifully designed. I want to thank Arpita B Design Studio for getting a shift in our lives and house.

- Rachana Darda

“ I received this table light from Arpita B Design Studio, which was designed for a cosy corner in my bedroom.

I’m emotionally very attached to this light. I feel comfortable and calm. The space feels very warm and secure. I ponder and feel very motivated when I’m sitting in my cosy corner.

I am very happy with CHOATE becoming an integral part of my personal space.”