Design Energist & Interior Designer

“Design for me is an abstract thought, when put on paper it takes a form. The form comes alive with colours, materials, textures and patterns to elevate the energy of the space that this object becomes a part of.” - AB

Every product designed by us has a purpose. All designs are inspired by the existence of nature and life in its true form to bring together COLOURS. FORMS. EMOTIONS. as ONE while designing products and transforming the energy of an existing space. We design products which are detailed and personalised keeping the client in mind. We believe that every human being is unique and special, hence products designed by us for a client are curated by making it special and unique only for their space..

One aspect which is distinct is the purpose of designing every piece is based on an EMOTION. Everything that we see around us, creates a thought with an emotion attached to it. Basically, emotion and energy is all around us. Therefore the piece designed by us evokes that emotion which one can experience when the product becomes a part of their space. I believe that your home is an outward manifestation and reality of your inner experiences, memories, beliefs - basically a reflection of you.

How you influence your surroundings, your surroundings influence you too.

Mindful Manufacturing

Each product is created by delving into the depths to have a deeper meaning, making it a significant part of that space. With every piece we design, we push ourselves to go beyond creating the extraordinary. The pieces are crafted meticulously with no detail overlooked. The materials used are natural and eco-friendly created to respect and value our resources by adhering to a minimal wastage practice. We believe in maximising the resources, craftsmanship available in abundance in our country. Our objective is to spread awareness about our homegrown artisans and the talent possessed by them.

We take a space, empty or designed, and transform it into a place that connects with the very being of the person. Whether it’s a product or the entire space, we aim at delivering a final product that’s beyond the ordinary.

We work with the client to understand their needs, being a life strategist enhances my ability to offer them clarity on what they are subconsciously seeking. With this information, we develop the blueprint of the piece, choosing , colours, forms, textures, patterns and more. Each element is thoroughly analysed, and attentively picked to evoke the right emotion. The creation of the product or space is a collaborative effort with the client, the final result often an amalgamation of superior aesthetics still well within the client’s emotional sphere of comfort.

  • FORMS.
  • You will understand the connection between your space and yourself.
  • You will learn how to manifest your dreams and desires through your space.
  • Your space will become the source of support, a wellspring of joy, object of inspiration and tool for transformation.
  • This process will allow your space to shape up all aspects of your well being - physical, spiritual, mental and emotional and all areas of your life - health, wealth, relationships and career.
  • You will develop a connection with your mind-body and space that will be a powerful influence in designing your life.

Let’s make our space the most desired space to live in.

What do we do as Design Energist?

Life Strategist

Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I constantly seeking for peace?

Have you ever wondered? Or questioned yourself several times?

‘YOU’ - is your MIND-BODY in the physical world.

Which is the conscious and the subconscious

Your reality is only 10% of your existence and 90% being your subconscious which predominantly develops from the age of 0-14 years. The conscious is your critical mind whereas the subconscious is your hard drive which stores all the memories, negative and positive emotions, feelings, beliefs and patterns experienced by you in your life.

We are born carefree, fearless and malleable. As humans we constantly want to explore but our subject of exploration changes with time and the life experiences that we encounter in our course of daily life. With passing time, our brain rapidly develops synaptic connections which determine how a child or adult thinks, feels, connects and acts. As we grow older our carefree and fearless attributes are replaced with projections based on subjective childhood experiences and our inner state.

We tend to live in two extremities either feeling a lot of emotions or disconnecting ourselves with our inner being to avoid feeling the emotions, creating a gap between our inner and outer self.

  • Reactive in nature:  Either we feel overwhelmed with emotions and become sensitive to everything.
  • Silent in nature:  Or we disconnect ourselves with our inner being to avoid feeling any intense emotions.

We work with the energy, the direct and the driving force of everything that exists. Be it the energy of the space or the energy of the mind-body, we identify, evaluate and guide you through this life-changing transformation for your highest best. We help you heal inside out to live a healthy and peaceful life.

At Arpita B Design Studio, we believe in the philosophy of “The Process of Life”. All the upheavals, uncertainties, insecurities, shame and guilt that we experience through a multitude of situations, we come to a point where the need to restore and reform ourselves becomes very strong. All that we desire is to attain bliss and oneness with all that exists. We help you in attaining a ‘state of bliss’ that you would have experienced as a child by elevating the feeling of being carefree and fearless.

Mindful Technique

We at Arpita B Design Studio, bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious by identifying, evaluating and decoding the concerns which cause these extremities. To get your mind & body in harmony we indulge in practising meditation, doing workshops, and sessions with our clients. It is a tool that heals and connects our MIND BODY & SOUL. In our meditative process, we make our clients access the subconscious mind through the theta brain frequency. Theta is a brainwave that has a frequency of 3.5 to 7.5 Hz classified as a “slow” activity. A state of mind between wakefulness and sleep. In this state, our clients effortlessly permeate into an introspective state to address their concern.




  • Introspecting and connecting with your subconscious is a beautiful process for self-growth and clarity.
  • It heals and transforms you in ways where you will discover and attain your highest potential.
  • Live a balanced life without extremities even in complex situations.
  • Learn to manage your emotions and feelings and express them with clarity and ease.
  • Live a healthy life.
  • Developing higher consciousness to cope with constant change.
  • The ability to look at life with objectivity inviting less drama.
  • Allowing you to thrive being grounded at all times.
  • You learn to be grateful and appreciate the time, resources, people and overall energy.
  • Daily introspection makes you more aware of allowing you to heighten your intuitive abilities.

Hope you have understood the role of the two most powerful life mechanisms that control your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence. The one thing that connects these two is the energy force which is your life force.

What do we do as a Life Strategist?


“Art can permeate the very deepest parts of us, where no words exist.

The Art Loop - A workshop that gives you an insight into how the mind responds to change, through your space. To understand our emotional state is strongly affected by the space we live in and the COLOURS and FORMS that it withholds. It is not a regular art session but a fun way of learning more about yourself through the power of COLOURS FORMS & EMOTIONS. You will learn the tool of getting in touch with your true emotions and how you can express it in many ways.

  • Art betters creative growth and promotes positive thinking.
  • Abstract thoughts can be expressed through art with ease.
  • Art allows expression without rights and wrongs.
  • Helps you to get in touch with your feelings & emotions.
  • To understand that our emotional state is strongly affected by the space we live in and the COLOURS | FORMS | EMOTIONS that it withholds.
  • Art will help you to relax and calm your mind.
  • Enhances creative skills and opens the mind to think beyond what we limit ourselves to.
What do we do as a Life Strategist?


“ Meditation is a daily practice which delves into realms undiscovered to reveal our true self.”

It’s time to change our reality, to have control of our emotions and to access our deeper state of consciousness. The art of meditation serves as a door to access our subconscious mind through the theta brain frequency. Theta is a brainwave that has a frequency of 3.5 to 7.5Hz classified as a “slow” activity and a state of mind between wakefulness and sleep. This is the time when we introspect.

A seat of inspiration, profound creativity, exceptional insights and vivid visualisations arise when we assimilate our conscious and subconscious mind by meditating and diving deep into our conscience. One can build a strong connection with their real self by changing its programming with simple daily practices to live a healthy, positive and harmonious life. It is a tool that heals and connects our MIND BODY & SOUL.

We guide you to deal with stress, anxiety and inconsistent emotions through our customised mediations curated especially for you. We help you deal with the situations in a more calm and composed manner to live a more peaceful, balanced and adaptable life.

Meditation taught to children helps them to regulate their emotions, reactions and responses that will result in reduced stress and anxiety levels. Enhances their ability to focus, be consistent and build on their self-regulatory skills.