Arpita B Design Studio X Mommy Diaries

The Art loop workshop was conducted in Collaboration with Mommy Diaries. This workshop was focused on the emotional well-being of the child.
A Lovely gratitude activity with @arpita_bdesigns followed by a quick meditation all for your kids!
Follow along and you can do this at home with them.
You will need -
1. A 8” diameter bowl having depth. Make sure you have a bowl that will not be needed back in the kitchen or any other space in your house.
2. Coloured strings/ threads/ jute rope( any kind of string is good) 2-3 mts.
3. A flat 9” circular shape cut from cardboard/ thick or hard paper. ( please keep it cut and ready).
4. One sheet of A4 size cardboard/ thick or hard paper.
5. Paints- watercolor, acrylic or crayons.
6. Scissors
7. Fevicol or glue.
8. Scale, pencil and eraser
9. Crumpled paper ball and 1 ladyfinger.
10. Coloured pens.