Arpita Bhandari is a Design Energist & Life Strategist. She is the Founder of Arpita B Design Studio which pioneers in designing spaces and energy-based furniture. She has been designing luxury projects since 2015 after starting her career as an Interior Designer. She conceptualized the largest toy and book library in Mumbai inspired by her motherhood called Beetroot. She holds a certification in Product and Light Designing from Domus Academy in Milan.

She is a certified Theta Healing ® practitioner and a trained instructor from Croatia. She learnt the modality from Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing®️. Along with Theta Healing®️, Arpita also learnt other programs like Intuitive Anatomy and Rainbow Children. This modality helped her in discovering herself through real-life challenges. Arpita discovered her gifts of activating emotions, feelings, and intuition while she was seeking for ways to achieve her dreams and ambitions. Designer Arpita has been a Life Strategist for the last 7 years of her life. Her practise and experience of 7 long years has enabled her in devising techniques of resolvement which have helped more than 500 of her clients.

Arpita B Design Studio’s Philosophy:

Aprita’s brainchild Arpita B Design Studio uses a life-transforming theory known as the " Theory of Mind '' to design intuitive spaces, designs and products. We connect every individual’s sense of SPACE to their sense of self. We synchronize the two dimensions - Conscious and Subconscious to elevate and transform the energy of every space. We design products on the basis of a central emotion. The pieces designed by Arpita B Design Studio evoke emotions that inspire each and every aspect of an individual, becoming an inherent part of one's life. Arpita B Design Studio meticulously curates spaces, designs and products that serve as an extension of our healing process which is customised for every individual as per his/her uniqueness making the piece unique.

“Live a life, not of an ordinary but an extra-ordinary because you deserve it and you're completely worthy of it. It’s you who creates your reality, let no one else control it. Believe in yourself to rise above and embrace the endless possibilities that prevail before you.” - AB


Salonee Jain

Senior Design Energist & Life Strategist